company profile & advantages

As a formally British wholly owned business, Qewitco has become a most reliable supplier of fine quality Fasteners & Fixings, & Other Industry Consumables to a large number of customers throughout Europe and around the world.
Established in 2004, Qewitco has been devoting itself to producing and trading premium and consistent quality of products. Its principles of operation have been heavily influenced by its ex-British owners & directors and this has proved invaluable in the ‘Supply Chain Management’ of ‘Industrial Consumable Products’ from mainland China and surrounding countries which include Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam & Thailand.
Our competitive products are FASTENERS of general grade, high grade, also fasteners made of Brass/Copper, Stainless Steel, alluminum and alloys. Test certificates to be provided with professional quality control and tracebilities.
Qewitco has the infrastructure and all the experience needed to offer you a ‘value for money’ service for your requirements, which includes dedicated ‘Account Management’, ‘Quality Control’, ‘Customised Special Products’ along with secured ‘Packaging & Delivery’.
It is Qewitco’s objective to ‘Delight the Customer’ and provide a ‘worry free’ service from our Production to your Racks. Qewitco is well placed to offer you a “Western Style” business bringing you “Far Eastern Value”.
J. G. Dole
Managing Director


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Wood Screw